Saturday, April 02, 2016


I was warned that although temperatures tend to be higher up north than down south, I was warned that the seasonal changes occur much more slowly than in Munich. Unfortunately, I have to agree. Having said that...
Clear blue sky...

Blossoms on trees...

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Copenhagen Day 3 & 4

*Sniff* Our vacation was slowly coming to an end.

We had another beautiful morning!

So time to walk out to Langlinie to see the Little Mermaid. Pooey said not seeing this would be like going to Paris and not seeing the Arc de Triomphe or going to London and not seeing Big Ben

But the weather slowly changed as the day continued so we decided to buy some groceries, head back to our apartment and eat a homemade dinner (chicken and rice) and drink our wine!
Just a word - our apartment was clearly made for tall people - the toilet paper was on the highest shelf in the toilet!!!

The weather turned nice again but it was our last day in Copenhagen :( 

After a very quick lunch and dropping dancinghula and Rao off at the metro as they made their way to the airport, I made my slow way to the central station

I resister sitting on Hans Christian Anderson's lap

I didn't have to resist going to Tivoli Gardens because it was still closed for the winter :(

And then I slowly made my way back to Germany.

But some good news - the bus was much faster than expected on the way back so I managed to arrive home an hour earlier than expected. A good end to a great holiday <3 p="">

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Copenhagen Day 2

After an exhausted sleep, we woke up to a BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL day!
Which we greatly appreciated during our walk to our brunch place.

The brunch place had been recommended by the owner of our apartment and it was packed with locals. So packed that we had to wait at a rear table and play UNO.

This brunch was awesome! Did we order too much? I don't tihnk so and I kinda regret not ordering more bread to go with the homemade nutella :/

*Sigh* so purdy

We made our way over to Paper city because we were told it was a happening place.
It had this public art for us to climb!!!

Christiania. Pooey's advice: " Go here if you wanna feel uncomfortable"

Church where the staircase to climb the tower is on the outside

All the walking was pretty tiring so we headed back to the apartment to rest. We bought wine on the way.
But we didn't drink it because we were too busy prettying ourselves up for dinner at Aamans!

*Sigh* more pretty walking along the canals.

Look at how happy we look!

My entree - raw marinaded codfish. Can't go to Denmark and not eat fish!

My main - chicken tartelet.

Despite the lightness of the meal, we were pretty stuffed. 
But it didn't stop us from chugging down our wine!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Copenhagen Day 1

Dancinghula and Rao moved to London at the tail end of last year. Since they're newbies that can only mean one thing - European city meet ups! For Easter we decided to head to Copenhagen, which is great because I hadn't managed to get there yet and from Bremen it's only a 6 hour train ride. Except it actually turned into a 10 hour train/bus/train ride due to trackworks that were taking place in Denmark over the Easter weekend. Oh well.

Except it actually wasn't so bad actually. The worst part was the confusion as to where I was supposed to get the bus from Hamburg to Denmark. There was basically no signage which was a little disconcerting given that the bus was supposed to take 6 hours and I don't know what would happen if I missed it.

But once I figured out which bus I was supposed to take, THAT BUS WAS AWESOME!!! Look at all that leg space! It was clearly made for Viking-sized people and had free wifi (when we were in Denmark).

The seaside!

Like the train was supposed so, the bus took us right onto the ferry. The weather was shit as. 

Electrical sockets in Denmark look like smiley faces :)

Dancinghula and Rao also had a tiring journey to Copenhagen so we decided to just eat at a restaurant in our street.

My entree of cod roe with a poached egg. YUM!!!

I was a bit disappointed with my pork cheek main. Cheek is meant to be soft and fall apart. It was a bit chewy >.<
Next up, being a tourist!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fossil hunter

There is a staircase at work that I both hate and love. I hate it because I have to use it to get around the different buildings and people are allowed to smoke in it.

*Side note - while indoor smoking is apparently banned in Germany, it does not seem to be strictly enforced anywhere other than Bavaria. Like seriously. When I complained that it was not okay for this to happen, I was told that the weather is so bad in Bremen (with the rain) that smokers complained it was discriminatory. I countered this by saying it snows like fuck in Munich, and if smokers there have to go outside in the negative degree weather, they can suck up the rain. Also, how can you discriminate against someone who chooses to smoke? Don't give me *it's an addiction* shit - I could be addicted to alcohol but you don't see me drinking at work *End rant*

Anyway, I love this staircase because it is marble with some really lovely fossils. 

Beautiful nautilus - you can see the individual chambers!

And I figured out it's a nautilus and not an ammonite because ammonites have a ridge on their outer shell. There is a fossil that I think might be an ammonite but it isn't complete so it's hard for my inexperienced mind to decide

I'm actually a little upset that this one has a scratch right through it

I've got no idea what this is but I really like it.
Yes, I am a big nerd. BUT I LOVE IT!!!

Monday, March 21, 2016


I was on my way home from work when I saw how pretty this was and decided it should be shared with all of you as well.
Interesting tidbit - the windmill is a cafe and they have nice cake!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Even more Duolingo fun

I'm not sure this can be topped for sheer weirdness/specificity :D