Wednesday, October 08, 2014


A number of people I know are currently ill. This list includes:
Swiss Chris
There can only be one reason - we all partied too hard during Oktoberfest.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Last of Wiesn

As much as I love Wiesn, I'm always glad it only goes for two weeks. Otherwise I'd probably end up killing myself with alcohol. This weekend was catching up with Latin types who I hadn't seen in a while.  
Mi hermano David told me that due to his company not offering him a new contract, he will leave Munich at the end of this month :(

y mi otro hermano Rubio will move to Paris next year :( 
But they both said they'll be back for the bierfests!

Carlinho also made the trip over with his new lederhosen because he NOW A GERMAN! (but assured me that he will always be Brazilian).

Here's to old friends and next year's festivals!

Monday, September 29, 2014

My pig Prosciutto.

I have loved these walking balloons since I saw them last year. And while there are many options, my favourite has always been to purchase a pig because they're just awesome. I've always regretted selling my first ever pig, Babe, to that drunk Italian guy for a 400% profit, and I've been trying to replace Babe ever since. This year, I got a new pig, who I decided to christen Prosciutto, in memory of one my favourite pork products. After a raucous day at Wiesn, Prosciutto was living a pretty easy life at my place when one day, I noticed he was looking at me with very accusing eyes when he saw I was dirndl-ing up without him. 
Awww man, he's hiding behind the door. This means he needs to be better acclimatised!

So out onto the street and u-bahn with me he came!

But while many people also loved Prosciutto - asking for photos and to kiss him (one guy did it with tongue, yuk) - he also drove people to punch him :( One drunk asshole even punched him out from  under my arms >.<
But then the drama of all the walking finally got to him and Prosciutto lifted up into the skies! My pig flies!!!

He's been there since, and they lived happily ever after.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Skype Date

It had been a while since Dr. Wallace and I caught up over skype. This is partly due to time difference, partly due to my not being sure whatever condition I'd be in during weekend mornings. Eventually, we managed to get our shit together and talk. But when the camera loaded, I got an eyeful of this!
But then he stood up to prove he wasn't nude-skyping me. Phew!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

More Wiesn!

I scored a ticket to the Rischart Kaiserschmarrn Tent. As you might imagine, there was pretty good food to be had.  
Like this epic brotzeit platter

And this superhuge kaiserschmarrn that came with sparklers!

And this less wonderful schnapps. It was like drinking petrol. 

I do like the musicians catwalk in this tent. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Neuschwanstein again!

Wow. This visit couldn't have been more different from the last time I went here. For one, instead of one person, I was accompanied by a hoard of them! And instead of dodging snowballs, we had a beautiful clear day!
Yep, it was turned it on for these guys. KT was especially mesmerised by the Bavarian landscape

Which was pretty impressive, I have to say

Oh hurrow!

Hurrow to you too!


Gargh, even I have to say I was pretty impressed by how gorgeous everything was looking. 

KT went a bit insane with the photography, going close to the edges.

It looks like a toy set!

The sweet, sweet view from Schloss Hohenschwangau

After the last few cold days, today was so pleasantly warm that it was sleep inducing

But we powered up and made our way towards the Marienbruecke!

The classic view from the Marienbruecke. I'll confess - I think I took about 10 photos that were basically identical. But this one was the best :D

Hmmm, bungee jumping...

So ein schoener Tag

And now here are some photos as we killed time - for some reason, there was a 3 hour break between our tour of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein.

I see you!

oooh, atmospheric

People have asked me if I've thought it worth going to the castles. I've always been a bit uncertain as to how to answer this because the ride to Schwangau is about 3 hours (depending on connections) and the tours of the castles only go for a combined one hour. I therefore asked me guests who agreed that it was totally worth it and not only that, but the visit was a highlight of their trip. So there you go.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


For the first weekend of Wiesn, I received a mega-epic SEVEN visitors! Marene, Studds, dancinghula, Rao, KT, Addy and Bob all descended upon the town like a rage of Aussies. Except that unlike most Aussies in Munich during Oktoberfest, we didn't actually spend that much time getting drunk, believe it or not! I don't appear to have taken many photos though - clearly I was too excited at feeling as though I was back in Melbs, but with extra tracht and much cheaper beer.

Arriving a day before everyone else, KT helped me set up Ele's apartment in anticipation for the others' arrival (mille grazie, Cara!) before we went to Hyper! Hyper! and all the Germans going off to freaked her out hehehe. After everyone arrived, we chicas headed off to buy some tracht before going to dinner followed by some specially requested clubbing.

Asians love red. 

When we did make it to Wiesn though, it was the full experience. 
Complete with new pig, Prosciutto! 

Hooray for cheesy souvenirs!

Enjoying our time in the Augustiner Festzelt

And then some time in the Loewenbrau biergarten!

It was pretty cold out there. We had to huddle under Marene's poncho for warmth!

Randoms at the toilet!

But despite all the joy and fun, we didn't spend a whole lot of time there - we had an early wake up for our day to Neuschwanstein the next day.  

Although KT and I did make it back another day to take a photo with this random guy.