Sunday, July 26, 2015

Now I am Bavarian

Caro dropped me off at Hohenzollernplatz and there was a mini Bavarian market going on that was selling local sausages, cheese etc. And then there was the stall that was selling things with comments written in Bavarian dialect. Despite being in Bavaria for the last few years, I won't say that I can really understand the language, but I can figure things out, especially when they're said out loud. And so I definitely had to invest in this bag.
Translation: my other bag is a Louis Vuitton (it's only really funny if you understand how Bavarian sounds though)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Munich Academy end of year art exhibition

The Munich Academy has a notable list of former students, particularly of modern artists. So when I was told about the exhibition featuring students works, I was keen to go - who knows, maybe I'd be seeing pieces from the next Kandinsky! 

There were many pieces but my favourite two were found on the upper floors. I can't remember the names but they were
An exhibit featuring photographs of typical German scenes with atypical comments. For example, Munich is widely regarded as a very safe city. However, this comment says, "Munich is a dangerous city. Police are everywhere at night."

And a room full of various oversized things, like this lebkuchen herz

And this delicious looking cake!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

German toys

I was in Obletter the other day when I saw these toys
I feel that only in Germany can you buy a plush currywurst!

And also a plush Wiener schnitzel with fries!

And a roast chicken that can be taken apart into the relevant sections!

Monday, July 20, 2015

I'm not dead!

I was just really busy! Here's a basic summary of what (I think) had been going on in the past few months...

November - My wisdom teeth finally came out.
The surgery was kind of brutal with many people amazed at both the extent of bruising post-surgery but also the speed of my recovery.

December - Miss Pooky came to visit for Xmas! She was an epic series of Christkindlmarkt visits where I made her try out different sausages and she met Dr. Pfft to prove to her that not all Germans are sooooo bad.
I roasted an epic chicken for Xmas dinner.

After she left, the snow came down like how!

January - Okay, I really have no idea what the hell I was doing in January. I was probably working like hell because in February...

February - I went back to Melbs with stopovers in Bali and Singapore.
Relaxing on the beach in Seminyak

Relaxing in the pool in Singapore

Hanging out with Cookie Monster in Melbs

March - I've also got no idea what I was doing in March, probably because it was Starkbierfest and sickness swept through the campus. *Cough*

April - I finally managed to visit Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, and Strasbourg.
While in Strasbourg I somehow conducted a conversation with a shopguy in 3 languages - French, German, and English. YAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

May - This month was insane.
First off, I went to Lisbon with my German Wolfpack
Next, due to the fire at Fiumicino airport a planned weekend trip to Rome turned into a crazy 12 hour trip to Rome to celebrate the end of Riz's posting. 

Then I spent a weekend raving.

I went back to Italy the following with my International Hangover girls. And finally, I rested.

June - The Third Annual Suit Up Birthday Party!

And now it's July. I can't promise that I'll be as stringent a writer as before, but I'll try!!!!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Adios hermano :(

I received some sad news during Oktoberfest - after nearly three years and many many parties together, my Spanish brother David would be leaving Munich :(.  So we did what we always do - PARTY TIME!!!
And for someone who lived here for years and went to a billion volksfest yet never got a pair of lederhosen, we bought him a uniform that would be just as acceptable. 

él le gusta!

Y con mi otro hermano, who will also leave for Paris in the new year. Oh well, another reason to go visit!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Cake time!

I am now the consul for an online expatriate group. Our thing is to make newbies in the city feel welcome, but our actual theme is that we love chocolate. Yes, you know what this means. NOW I CAN OFFICIALLY GO OUT AND EAT CAKE IN THE NAME OF HELPING PEOPLE!!!

Our first location was Maelu - definitely a very important place for newbies to know. 
My pink lady cake - a combination of berry, lychee and rose. All washed down with a hot chocolate.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Birthday Karaoke!

ShaScha had her birthday party this weekend and, joy of joys, she wanted to do karaoke! But not that stupid open mic karaoke they have in Europe - we found a Thai restaurant that allowed you to book out their entire private room and for a minimum spend, have the karaoke system fired up! I was pretty !$%#ing excited to take part in this! Someone even asked me if I was going to sing - my reply was "Dude, I'm Asian. You try and stop me singing!"

And it was necessary to sing - BECAUSE WE SPRANG THIS BIRTHDAY PRESENT ON HER!!!
Yep - a personalised karaoke song!

This was her face when she realised what we were doing

I won't post the video of us actually singing it, but here we are as popstars.

Plus bonus photos of me and Tammy singing True by Spandau Ballet!