Thursday, April 28, 2016


After a lovely weekend, this has been the fourth day in a row with hail.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

New shoes!

German kids are giant kids. How do I know? Because I bought myself some new runners that are actually for kids. 

But I really like the berry accents
Also, much cheaper than adult women's shoes!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Green thumbs at last?!

Good news! The lavender isn't dead yet! But even better news is this:

I saw these little pots for sale with different seeds for flowers. If I manage to keep this alive, I should get some daisies from it!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I was walking around Bremen when I saw this totally cute thing...

OMG!!! It's a topiary lavender bush!!!

So year, I bought this and took it home, conveniently forgetting the three lavender bushes I killed in Munich. I seriously hope this works. 

Monday, April 18, 2016


When I told people I was moving to Bremen, quite a few said, "Is that a real place? I thought it was from a fairytale!" And you know where else is a real place? Hamelin, from the Pied Piper story! So guess where I day tripped this past weekend?!

Hamelin is approximately 2/2.5 hours away from Bremen depending on transport links, and it looks like a classic Middle Ages fairytale town.
No joke, this is the main street of the old town

The story of the rat catcher/child stealer is naturally all over the town. This is the Rattenfaenger (Pied Piper) haus. On the side of the building, is an old sign commemorating the event...which might be based on a true story?! 

This woman thought it was appropriate to take lots of duckface selfies outside of it.

The tourist trail in Hamelin is marked by these rat cobblestones

The museum outlining the history of Hamelin and the story of the rat catcher


Also, check out the rats on this fountain!

But it wasn't all rats, all the time. 

There was this awesome building whose significance I've forgotten

There's this...plaque that seems to commemorate...bretzeln?

And this awesomely decorative building!

Yeah, I was really only paying attention to the rats. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Loui & Jules Bremen

A while ago, I was discussing with someone about burgers and this person told me that the best burger in Bremen could be found at Louie & Jules. I filed that information away for another day. Well that day finally came. Someone owed me a dinner (heh) and when he suggested this place, I took the chance to try out the burger. 

Brioche bun, bacon...looks good
Tastes good! I definitely recommend this place and if their steaks are as good as their burgers, I might become a semi-regular...

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Weekend in Munich

I got a message from Winnie saying she was being sent to the Munich office - would I have time for us to catch up since we haven't seen each other in TWO years? Well okay, I don't live in Munich anymore but...sure, I'll fly down for the weekend to catch up with all my friends!!! And so began an action-packed weekend. So packed that I often forgot to photograph my friends. No matter - they're in my heart and memories!

No seriously, I hit the ground running. After arriving at MUC around 3pm, I made it to my old apartment *sniff* to say hi to Fabi (still the best flatmate/brother from another mother ever!), then raced off to Stammbar to meet old IHG people. Then at 7pm, off to see Winnie!
We went to Eclipse - an Israeli restaurant. Oddly enough, we ordered something that was a bit like giant xiaolongbao. Still good!

Saturday was spent catching up with APP people. First off, a trip to Freising to see Na who is seven month pregnant (!) and play with her son and then catching up with Shibo to congratulate and commiserate. 
And then off to Brienner str for Indian dinner - still haven't found a good restaurant in Bremen. Again, we forgot to take photos with the food so it had to be done in the incredibly glam Odeonsplatz U-bahn station :D

Sunday morning - brunch with the girls at White Rabbit's Room

I highly recommend this place. It's a bit expensive but the brunch was really nice and the decor is super cute. Alice in Wonderland themed - how appropriate

And then it was back to the airport *sniff*
I managed to get one of these for an afternoon snack - Mahlzeit der Siegers, bitches!!!

But seriously, I need another weekend break. Heheheh