Monday, April 18, 2016


When I told people I was moving to Bremen, quite a few said, "Is that a real place? I thought it was from a fairytale!" And you know where else is a real place? Hamelin, from the Pied Piper story! So guess where I day tripped this past weekend?!

Hamelin is approximately 2/2.5 hours away from Bremen depending on transport links, and it looks like a classic Middle Ages fairytale town.
No joke, this is the main street of the old town

The story of the rat catcher/child stealer is naturally all over the town. This is the Rattenfaenger (Pied Piper) haus. On the side of the building, is an old sign commemorating the event...which might be based on a true story?! 

This woman thought it was appropriate to take lots of duckface selfies outside of it.

The tourist trail in Hamelin is marked by these rat cobblestones

The museum outlining the history of Hamelin and the story of the rat catcher


Also, check out the rats on this fountain!

But it wasn't all rats, all the time. 

There was this awesome building whose significance I've forgotten

There's this...plaque that seems to commemorate...bretzeln?

And this awesomely decorative building!

Yeah, I was really only paying attention to the rats. 

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