Sunday, October 26, 2014

Birthday Karaoke!

ShaScha had her birthday party this weekend and, joy of joys, she wanted to do karaoke! But not that stupid open mic karaoke they have in Europe - we found a Thai restaurant that allowed you to book out their entire private room and for a minimum spend, have the karaoke system fired up! I was pretty !$%#ing excited to take part in this! Someone even asked me if I was going to sing - my reply was "Dude, I'm Asian. You try and stop me singing!"

And it was necessary to sing - BECAUSE WE SPRANG THIS BIRTHDAY PRESENT ON HER!!!
Yep - a personalised karaoke song!

This was her face when she realised what we were doing

I won't post the video of us actually singing it, but here we are as popstars.

Plus bonus photos of me and Tammy singing True by Spandau Ballet!

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