Thursday, October 09, 2014

Facial paralysis

About a month ago, I started getting very localised pain in my jaw. It turns our I have 4 wisdom teeth and the lower two are not only very close to the nerve but they're impacting on my lower molars. Not surprisingly, this also meant that my gums were quite inflamed and would require some treatment before the surgery to get the wisdom teeth out.

I had requested that the treatment take place early in the morning so as to not interfere with my getting to work in time. What I didn't anticipate was receiving 4 different injections of local anaesthetic around my mouth in order for them to do the treatment (whatever it was). Needless to say, while I got to work on time, it became pretty clear VERY EARLY to my colleagues that there was no way what I would be able to spend the entire day at work. Maybe it was because they would see that I couldn't move my face properly, maybe it was when I started to cough and not being able to move my mouth properly, I started to have a small choking fit. Either way, my facial paralysis was very entertaining for all of us.

I'm somewhat looking forward to what will happen when all four wisdom teeth come out!

As an aside, the German word for wisdom teeth is a literal translation - Weisheitszähne!

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