Monday, May 19, 2014

Cologne - Touristy things part 1

People always seemed a little surprised whenever I've told them that I'd never been to Cologne (Koeln). And then they would tell me that stopping through at the Hauptbahnhof on the way to somewhere else didn't count :D. But these days are over! I took a short weekend trip up there and can now say that I've seen most of the sights!

Fabi lived in Cologne during his studies and gave me a list of different things I should do while up there. First on the list was to visit Cologne Cathedral, aka Koelner Dom. Started in 1248, the Dom was finished 632 years later to the original plans. Sagrada Familia, you've still got plenty of time! 

It's got flying buttresses aplenty

Just for some scale, that's a dog having it's portrait taken in front of the Dom

I think every tourist to Cologne takes this photo :D

The finishing touches from the 19th century are easily distinguishable from the other parts

Wah, so high

These stained glass windows were a donation from Ludwig I of Bavaria, the very Ludwig whose wedding we celebrate during Wiesn!

The Achskapelle. Unfortunately, I couldn't get close to the main treasure of Cologne Cathedral, the Shrine of the Three Kings

And then like real tourists, we climbed the Cathedral.
With over 500 steps to the top and no elevator, it's not for the faint-hearted. That didn't seem to stop many people who were not in fit condition from trying though >.<

St Peter's bell, also known as 'Fat Peter'

Mmmmm, looking up the interior of one of the spires.

Looking over the Rhine River to the Hohenzollernbruecke towards the Deutz

and over the Great St Martin Church.

More Cologne tourism after the break!

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