Friday, May 30, 2014

Party time!

A couple of months ago, I was basically railroaded by my work colleagues into having a dinner party whereby I cooked them a bunch of frozen dumplings. The night was a great success and I introduced some Germans into the awesomeness that are jiaozi, siu mai, har gao, and (substandard because they were frozen) xiaolongbao. I also made egg drop soup. Following this night, one of the people present actually asked for a bamboo steamer as their birthday present with the aim of not needing an invitation to my place to make them. Apparently it was also a success but their partner complained that it wasn't as good as when I made they decided to have a dumpling party at their place but...oh, would it be okay if I actually did the cooking? Heheheh. 

But because I was doing the cooking, other people were supplying the alcohol and dessert.  
Achtung! Batz - a dessert made from yoghurt or quark with fruit. Not the most wunderschoen of desserts but ganz lecker!

Then this shark game was brought out and the night reached a whole 'nother level. 
And so one Munich mule, two Tsingtao beers, one Hugo, and a glass of port later, I can declare this party a raging success. Good thing it was a public holiday the next day! 

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