Monday, May 26, 2014

Vienna - Day 2

We had a late start to our second day in Vienna. The best way to recover from the previous day's club adventures (poo to indoor smoking!), was to go to the local cat cafe, Cafe Neko.
Oh hurro!

Oh hurro to you too!

What's in the box?!

Run by and Austro-Japanese couple, the cuisine has a distinct japanese feel, as seen in the onigiri that I ordered.

As the other girls were newcomers to Vienna, they opted to go to Schoenbrunn palace. I instead decided to go to the Belvedere to gaze upon Klimt's The Kiss.
On my way there, I also saw quite a few examples of street art.

The approach to the Upper Belvedere


The view from the Sala Terrena towards the Lower Belvedere

One of the four Atlas pillars used to support the Sala Terrena

Maria Theresa being Empress-like

Sweet quadratura ceiling. At this point, I was told that photography is not allowed. Therefore there are no photos of the building or the impressive art collection, but take my work for it, I was looking at things for a few hours. Also, Franz Barwig the Elder, sculptor. I'd never heard of him before but there was a small exhibition of his works and they were amazing!

Despite the photoban, I had to take this picture. I had no idea Benedict Cumberbatch was Kaiser Franz Joseph I!!!

And the lovely parterre towards the Lower Belvedere with view of the Vienna.

I decided to forgo the cafe at the Belvedere and to instead head to yet another famous Vienna Coffee House - Cafe Prueckel!
Unfortunately the art nouveau room was closed but the main room maintains it's 1950 decor so here's some photos of it's super-hipster interior.

I scored myself a little booth and killed a few hours eating food, cake, doing my Duolingo exercises, and watching Offspring.

My (late) lunch of homemade gnocchi with brown butter and speck.

I was tempted to get strawberries and ice cream (it's Erdbeerezeit!), but instead got this meringe and cherry cake. Yum. 

And then it was home time. Funny story - the attendant making the announcement at the airport said it wrong in both German and English, resulting in her exploding into a fit of giggles and a colleague having to complete it for her. Also, the head stewardess on our flight spoke like you'd imagine a bad 70s pornstar would sound like. Austrian Airlines for the win!

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