Monday, July 14, 2014

Best World Cup ever!

You all might be aware that the FIFA World Cup was on recently, and maybe you also heard that Germany won. But this wasn't the best World Cup ever because Germany won - I mean, it helped a lot, but Carlinho and I were already declaring this before Germany made it past Brazil in the final. So many upsets, so many late comebacks, it was thrilling and fun. What more could we have asked for? (Okay, he would have liked Brazil to win, it it would have been nice for Australia to have not lost every match but we can't always get what we want.)

I watched the final match with some of my colleagues in a bar filled with other Germans. Basically, if Germany didn't win, this was going to happen again on an even more epic scale. 
Uniforms on!

Laura and Caro demonstrate facepainted German flags

This surprised me - that everyone got up and sang the anthem. Photo with bonus Jogi Loew!



And then of course, we all headed out to Leopoldstr. again to celebrate!
Literally, all of us

And we all pulled these kinds of faces!

Auf die Knie!!! (On your knees!) I have no idea what he was saying after that. 

Another guy tells everyone to get on their knees. What amuses me is that everyone obeys drunk shirtless guys

And then there were these fellows making a human pyramid

And to cap it off, there was a Supermoon that night!

But there was a massive miscalculation - I forgot that it was Sunday. I ended up walking nearly 7km to get home.

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