Thursday, July 31, 2014

Spanish Sojourn Day 2 part 2

Despite being quite warm and nearly 3km away, we deicded to walk from Arzak back to the city centre. We had a very strange moment when a woman started randomly speaking to us on the street - she was from the Philippines and was in Spain to visit her son. We're not really sure why she started talking to us (other than us all being Asians?) and she only stopped talking when her bus started coming up the hill. 
A bar that we stopped in for a toilet break. The sign says, "We have a broken router - NO WIFI - Talk to each other!"

Zuriola beach - definitely not as crowded as La Concha. Giant lunch or not, we damn wished we were wearing swimsuits!

There was an international jazz festival on that night but we decided that, since we were going to have to catch an early train the next day, we should spend the night packing and sleeping. Sad faces all around. We did venture out to visit our favourite places for dinner though.
And saw this BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL sunset!


It was selfie-perfect

Although the light affected whether you could see yourself

No matter. Totally gorgeous.

Oh yeah. Bring the yums.

Speaking of which, we went back to San Telmo to get some of the things we didn't order the day before, such as this beef

And this duck ravioli

And the ministers feet - pigs trotters. The same waiter who took my order yesterday took my order again this day. He even said to me, "You were here yesterday" to which I replied, "Yes, I was!"

And completely sated once more and absolutely devastated that this would be our last meal, we walked on home to our pensione to rest *sniff sniff boooooo*

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