Monday, July 07, 2014

Truliane Wedding

Approximately 3 years after they got together, Truliane got married. I'd like to think I had a major role in this event as I was the one to point out the first time they were flirting with each other. On my facebook wall. Where I was notified every time they posted a new flirtatious message. Here are some highlights!!!
The reception was held in a small village not far from Munich. 

There were cows!

The happy couple

Balloons with well-wishes for the couple

The balloons are released and hopefully they make it back to them!

I did wonder at the wisdom of releasing these so close to the airport though...

Food is very important to these two and they gave us a good dinner which was a kind of Asian-fusion. Here's my main which was duck breast with coconut sauce and rice. 

And they had a massive dessert buffet - I'll admit to eating three different desserts. No regrets.

So herzlichen Glueckwunsch ihr zwei und alles, alles Liebe!

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