Saturday, February 20, 2016

Meine erste Kohlfahrt!

Understanding and participating in local customs is one of the most important things when integrating into a new environment. This means that when my boss asked me whether I had ever heard of a *Kohlfahrt* and whether I wanted to participate in the one organised by work, I said, "No and SIGN ME UP!!!"

Kohlfahrt literally means "cabbage tour", and only takes place in the region around Bremen and Oldenburg. A bunch of buses picked us up from work and after driving around Niedersachsen for a while, dropped us off in the middle of nowhere. From there we were supposed to walk around with some trolleys filled with alcohol and take shots of alcohol every time we came across an intersection, until we reached our destination where we would eat a hearty local meal of Gruenkolh (kale) with local sausages. Apart from the cold, it was awesome!  

The special trolley/shot dispenser

I thought it was pretty cold - 3C (but feeling like 0C), but all my colleagues said it wasn't?!?!

Hahaha, bacon man street

We did manage to see this beautiful sunset

Dinner! I quite like Gruenkohl - it's kale chopped up and cooked with...I think barley...some potatoes, Pinkel, Wammerl (pork belly), and kochwurst. As you can probably tell, it's quite hearty. I therefore only had two servings.

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