Monday, February 22, 2016

PAH!!! (aka, pie)

Lack of pies has been one of my greatest challenges while living in Germs. I've managed to vaguely overcome it, either by buying pies, bringing them in my luggage, or just flat out flying to places where pies are more plentiful. But I never tried to make a pie.

Until now.


I mostly used Jamie Oliver's Aussie humble pie recipe but made modifications depending on whether I cbf getting the ingredients (e.g. make the pastry myself? Whatever)

Egg wash

Oh yeah!

It didn't just look good, it also tasted good! Except I think that next time I won't use Weissbier to make the sauce - I sometimes got that residual Weissbier/banana flavour kekeke.

And because I had leftover pastry and egg, I also made mini-quiches!

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