Monday, March 14, 2016

A visit from Carlinho


Carlinho was heading from Berlin to Frankfurt in order to fly home to Brazil for vacation and decided to swing by and see me on the way. What a sweetiepie. And like all great guests, he made me food! To be more precise, he made me coxinhas, a brazilian snackie whereby chicken is re-shaped into

Making them is both complicated and easy. Boiled pieces of shredded chicken breast is mixed with milk, cream cheese and chicken stock to make a paste and then enclosed in a mixture of mashed potato and flour, before being crumbed and cooked. It was just easier to let him do it.

Ready for baking! (No deep frying in my open-plan kitchen, kthnxbai

Also, coxinhas make great post-party food. *just saying*

They also held up well for breakfast!

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