Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Copenhagen Day 1

Dancinghula and Rao moved to London at the tail end of last year. Since they're newbies that can only mean one thing - European city meet ups! For Easter we decided to head to Copenhagen, which is great because I hadn't managed to get there yet and from Bremen it's only a 6 hour train ride. Except it actually turned into a 10 hour train/bus/train ride due to trackworks that were taking place in Denmark over the Easter weekend. Oh well.

Except it actually wasn't so bad actually. The worst part was the confusion as to where I was supposed to get the bus from Hamburg to Denmark. There was basically no signage which was a little disconcerting given that the bus was supposed to take 6 hours and I don't know what would happen if I missed it.

But once I figured out which bus I was supposed to take, THAT BUS WAS AWESOME!!! Look at all that leg space! It was clearly made for Viking-sized people and had free wifi (when we were in Denmark).

The seaside!

Like the train was supposed so, the bus took us right onto the ferry. The weather was shit as. 

Electrical sockets in Denmark look like smiley faces :)

Dancinghula and Rao also had a tiring journey to Copenhagen so we decided to just eat at a restaurant in our street.

My entree of cod roe with a poached egg. YUM!!!

I was a bit disappointed with my pork cheek main. Cheek is meant to be soft and fall apart. It was a bit chewy >.<
Next up, being a tourist!

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