Thursday, March 31, 2016

Copenhagen Day 3 & 4

*Sniff* Our vacation was slowly coming to an end.

We had another beautiful morning!

So time to walk out to Langlinie to see the Little Mermaid. Pooey said not seeing this would be like going to Paris and not seeing the Arc de Triomphe or going to London and not seeing Big Ben

But the weather slowly changed as the day continued so we decided to buy some groceries, head back to our apartment and eat a homemade dinner (chicken and rice) and drink our wine!
Just a word - our apartment was clearly made for tall people - the toilet paper was on the highest shelf in the toilet!!!

The weather turned nice again but it was our last day in Copenhagen :( 

After a very quick lunch and dropping dancinghula and Rao off at the metro as they made their way to the airport, I made my slow way to the central station

I resister sitting on Hans Christian Anderson's lap

I didn't have to resist going to Tivoli Gardens because it was still closed for the winter :(

And then I slowly made my way back to Germany.

But some good news - the bus was much faster than expected on the way back so I managed to arrive home an hour earlier than expected. A good end to a great holiday <3 p="">

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