Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Copenhagen Day 2

After an exhausted sleep, we woke up to a BEE-YOO-TEE-FUL day!
Which we greatly appreciated during our walk to our brunch place.

The brunch place had been recommended by the owner of our apartment and it was packed with locals. So packed that we had to wait at a rear table and play UNO.

This brunch was awesome! Did we order too much? I don't tihnk so and I kinda regret not ordering more bread to go with the homemade nutella :/

*Sigh* so purdy

We made our way over to Paper city because we were told it was a happening place.
It had this public art for us to climb!!!

Christiania. Pooey's advice: " Go here if you wanna feel uncomfortable"

Church where the staircase to climb the tower is on the outside

All the walking was pretty tiring so we headed back to the apartment to rest. We bought wine on the way.
But we didn't drink it because we were too busy prettying ourselves up for dinner at Aamans!

*Sigh* more pretty walking along the canals.

Look at how happy we look!

My entree - raw marinaded codfish. Can't go to Denmark and not eat fish!

My main - chicken tartelet.

Despite the lightness of the meal, we were pretty stuffed. 
But it didn't stop us from chugging down our wine!!!

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