Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Harry Potter Studio Experience

Omgomgomgomg! I've only just wanted to go to this since I found out it existed! Another huge fan, Pooey had already been to the Harry Potter studio experience and H came along because...well, he thought he'd seen one, maybe 2 of the movies. Pooey and I were all, "But how can you enjoy this if you don't know the movies?!" He assured us it'd be cool. 

Our day started off by travelling to Watford Junction...
Where we see the first of my psychotically happy smiles!!!

And where we saw the HP-themed bus that would take us to the studio!

Pooey was happy to see the bus again!

My crazy eyed excitement at being driven up to the studio is apparent even under my sunnies.

So excited my arms kept shaking. H was more restrained

The studio was guarded by giant chess pieces from the first movie.

Daniel Radcliffe's hands. Not that much larger than mine!

The entrance hall with various cast photos. H actually asked me and Pooey, "Okay, so who is everyone?" :O :O :O :O

While waiting to enter the first proper room of the tour where they explain the history to making the film, we got to file past THE cupboard under the stairs!

The tour starts with a short film narrated by Harry, Hermione and Ron. When the film is over, the screen rose to REVEAL THE DOORS TO THE GREAT HALL AT HOGWARTS. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

From here, there was way, way too many photos taken so here are about....60 photos worth of highlights.
The great hall with some of the costumes

The decorations and costumes from the Yule Ball (HP4)

Examples of make up bench


The gates to Hogwarts!

The Gryffindor boys dorm

Gryffindor common room

A hallways with forced perspective

Hmmmm, the things I see in the mirror of Erised (HP1)

Giant pendulum

Portraits of previous Hogwarts principals in Dumbledore's office. They're sleeping!

The Potions dungeon

Snape, you hero

Some of the prop Deadly Hallows (HP7a&b)

The day we went was also the last day of a bonus exhibition explaining the role of animals in the movies. The owl is actually looking at a rabbit that was in a cage.

Her trainer kept turning her head around to look back at him and then fluffing up her feathers. They had a cute relationship.

Display on how they did all the flying sequences for example Hagrid's motorcycle!

Or the quidditch sequences!

There was actually a place where you could put on a costume and make a video of you flying on a broomstick playing quidditch or ripping through London but there were too many kids in the way :(

Lupin's travelling case which could move by itself

The kitchen from the Burrow (home of the Weasley family)

Sculpture from the foyer of the Ministry of Magic (HP7a&b)

Costumes of Voldemort and various Death Eaters

The Black Family Tree (HP5)

Umbridge's costumes (BOO, HISS!!! - HP5)

Umbridge's office - quite grotesque

Showing us how they trained kittens!

Tunnel to get to the Ministry. The tiles were deliberately made to mimic the Tube!

PHEW! At this point, there was a break where people could take a break from the magic and go into a courtyard where EVEN MORE props could be seen!
And you could be suckered into buying some butterbeer

Pooey in the queue with all the other suckers

But a very happy sucker

I enjoyed chugging it down though

And continued chugging while Pooey took me on a ride on Hagrid's bike. Yes, that is the Knight bus (HP3) in the background!

While Pooey drank while I drove the Ford Anglia (HP2)

Is...is that...?

Yes, it's Hedwig hanging out at Privet Drive!

PHOTO OP!!! (It was a real bid)

Pranking the Dursleys!

James and Lily's house :(

The next display moves on to prosthetics and animatronics needed for the various costumes and creatures such as goblins,

dementors, Aragog, 


and Buckbeak!

Like baby Voldemort. Still creepy

Also creepy were these wax mannequins of various actors/characters. They looked like corpses.

Then we turned the corner and found ourselves in...


Some of the set drawings showing how the various pieces were contructed.

I think H was a bit exhausted by now. I was still super-excited!

The scale model of Hogwarts...


Happy smiles!

This model took up a huge room; it was so detailed

And there were video displays showing how it was used for wide shots

The last room of the tour was the set of Ollivander's with the names of everyone who worked on the productions.

However, that wasn't quite the end - WE ALSO WENT NUTS IN THE GIFT SHOP!!!

Where I got to ride a broom with my own Hedwig!

And find out where the Sorting Hat wanted to put me

He said I was a Ravenclaw. They value intelligence, learning, creativity and wit, so I guess that is right.

Also, I totally rock the academic look


As you might be able to tell, I totally recommend the HPSE!!! Tickets cost £29 for adults (or really big children) and must be pre-booked Entry is time allocated - I think we spent about 3-4 hours there so plan wisely.  I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I clearly did!

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