Saturday, August 02, 2014

Spanish Sojourn Day 3

This day was unfortunately a bit of a write off, although it really shouldn't have been. We woke up fresh and early and before everyone else in San Seb to catch our train to Barcelona. Okay, that's not quite true - an old man was up and jogging around the city. I know because he stopped his jog to talk and walk us to the train station! How friendly. 

Our train was supposed to take 6 hours to Barcelona but due to some defect, it took closer to 7. That was okay - we had pre-planned the fact we'd be on the train during lunch time and had loaded up things to eat like mejillones en latas (canned mussels), lomo, cheese, cakes, fruit and bread. People were looking at kinda strangely but we feasted! A bad thing I have to report is that despite the fact that we all loved our cheese, none of us wrote down what it was (I picked it at random) and so none of us could buy another block. Sad times indeed. 

By the time we made it to our apartment and settled the formalities, it was past 3pm and I decided to take a siesta. Bad decision. As I was the only one who didn't sleep on the train, when I woke from my siesta it was around 7:30pm and CuzJen and Fremma had gone out to do some shopping. A day wasted :(

And yet, not really!
We chose to go to La Taqueria - a recommendation from a Mexican friend who said they made tacos just like in Mexico! The walking route also took us by La Sagrada Familia. Unfortunately the taqueria was full and could not accommodate us at all. I made a reservation for the following night and a recommendation. We were told to head to Cerveceria Catalana as a place that made good food. 

Unfortunately that restaurant was also packed and we went around the corner to Meson Cinco Jotas around the corner where we decided that we really needed to have some leafy greens and so ordered this tomato and avocado salad. I quite liked this actually. 

And I really liked this foie gras, pine nut and sultana salad!

We then undid all that green by getting ordering a meat platter to share. The meat was nice- different pork and beef cuts, plainly fried and seasoned only with salt and a bit of pepper - but nothing particularly outstanding.

I was disappointed with this. It was a deconstructed crema catalana. It tasted like cheesecake. Why fiddle with crema catalana?! Booooooooo.

But oh well. I can accept that San Seb and Arzak may have set the bar really high on food standards but this was just the first meal of many in Barcelona.

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