Saturday, July 14, 2012

12 Days, 6 Cities - Shopping!

And now what you've really all been waiting for - the things I bought while travelling! Plus bonus San Sebastian pieces!

San Seb - I love these coolway flats. So comfy, so airy, and so cute! They remind me of strawberries! Patri took one look at them and said, "Did you buy those today?!" when we met up :D

San Seb - Never have truer words been plastered over my torso. (For those who can't read it, it says "I really like to eat cookies.") I also bought another t-shirt but I wore it before photography and alas, it's in my laundry basket.

Barcelona - Ma looked at these shoes from Campers and wondered if I was simply wearing an odd pair or if they were meant to be coloured like that :D

Barcelona - I needed a handbag since the zip on the bag I was carrying broke :( But this bag was a bit too small to handle all the things I needed to carry in it (passports etc).

Paris - I'd actually tried on this dress from Comptoir de Cotonniers in THREE different countries. Ma saw me in it and finally said, "You should buy it." The same thing was said by the random French woman in the change room opposite me!

London - Peplums are all the rage now (Primmy)

London - Me and Pooey both got this dress! (Primmy)

London - another kid's size t-shirt to add to my wardrobe! (Primmy)

London - I'm hoping this will be an inter-season coat for the transition to Autumn. (Primmy)

London - And these half-gumboots as well. While we were at the checkout, the shopwoman actually commented that we were lucky to get these boots because they'd been flying off the shelves! She also thought they were cute. Can I just say, BEST SHOPWOMAN AT PRIMMY EVER?! She was so different from the usual grunts we get!

London - And another Cath Kidston bag to replace the one with the broke zip. Sigh, it's not the same though, and not because it's actually a nappy bag - the satchel flap is kinda annoying :(

And these red converse/one stars. So funky.

And it has occurred to me that most of my clothes now seem to be purchased in London or at least while I'm on holiday. It's probably cos it's the only time I really get to do nothing except shop. But that's okay - I'm just helping the European economy!


SuBoo said...

Camper is the best!

SuBoo said...

Primmy too - in a different way :)

Lynnie said...

Love Love Love the print peplum dress! Gorgeous :)