Tuesday, July 24, 2012


One thing I never really thought about until I left Melbs was the sheer amount of Asian food I ate. I know that sounds somewhat ridiculous given my racial background but it's true! In particular, since there is not a lot of racial heterogeneity in Munich, people don't understand when I talk about different Asian cuisines - someone even asked me what the difference between Korean and Vietnamese food was!!! :O My reply was that they're completely different! And one thing I've missed is Hong Kong/Cantonese-style food. No dim sum (or at least, no dim sum the way I'm used to!), no roasted meats hanging in windows, no seafood blah blah blah. I've finally gotten tired of whining and decided to do something about it. So this past weekend, I ended up setting aside Sunday afternoon to make myself my own won tons to make wonton noodles!

I was too busy getting my hands dirty to show you how I made them, but after conversation with Pooey, I put in mince pork, minced prawns, minced chinese mushrooms (Pooey doesn't put them in hers but I like them), salt, pepper, sesame oil, and corn flour. I can't remember what else went in there. But a couple of hours and lots of sticky hands later, I had lots and lots of wontons! Some of them I ate immediately with chilli sauce and sesame oil to try and replicate sichuan chili wontons! It wasn't quite there and I'm not yet sure if I want to invest in sesame paste to make it more authentic. I guess it depends on how much I crave them. 

After freezing a large amount of them for future use, I then made the real thing for dinner!
Pre-soup adding! I had it with egg noodles, bean shoots, lettuce (local shop's baby bok was a bit sad looking), spring onions, and chili. 

 With the broth and ready for eating!

I had it with a chicken-based broth that was unfortunately made from powder because I mistakenly thought I had some frozen chicken bones. All in all, I was pretty happy although I will definitely make proper chicken broth next time. I also kinda wish I had some cha siu pork to go into the noodles though. I guess that's next on the *Stop complaining, Start Making!* list.

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