Monday, July 30, 2012

Home made poison pork rolls

One of the things I've really missed since moving here are poison pork rolls, more properly known as banh mi thit. In fact, it's been quite the thing to talk about - when Michael visited us, Steffi (my boss) mentioned to him that I'd been really suffering about the lack of specialised Asian foods, and he even mentioned how great poison pork was and how he could get it in....Okhlahoma City. WTF?!?!? He also told Steffi how delicious they are and how he totally understood that I missed them. But on the spirit of *Stop Complaining - Start Making!* I made my own poison pork rolls!
The various things I needed to assemble it, clockwise from top! Some mini baguettes, soy sauce, margarine, one chili, Japanese mayonnaise, home pickled carrots, spring onions, leberwurst, coriander, cucumber, and cha lau (viet pork loaf). 

First step! I couldn't make the eggy paste that's usually used but Pooey assured me that when she made them in London, that butter/margarine and mayonnaise worked as a good subsitute. Also, I used leberwurst instead of pate because they're pretty much the same with leberwurst being a fraction of the cost pate given that I live in Germany.

Second step! Layer the pork loaf, carrots, cucumber, spring onions, and coriander. I couldn't find the other meats that go in there but Gott sei Dank! cha lua was in the shops!

Season with soy and chili (chili optional!). I also put a bit of pepper in. 


Upon first bites, it wasn't quite the same - the different meats have various flavours and fat content that of course affect the overall flavour, but I'll say it - it was a pretty damn close feeling! I happily made and ate two and life got a little bit better here :D

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