Sunday, August 05, 2012

Cycling to Schleissheim.

It was a nice blue sky day today - oddly rare for the weekend (trust me on this). And another rarity - I hadn't gone out to a party on Saturday night meaning I was feeling alright and up to bike ride when Fabi said he felt like taking advantage of the nice day. In fact, I was feeling so good that I said, "Why don't we cycle to Oberschleissheim? We could go to Schloss Schleissheim!" He hadn't been to the Schloss (palace/castle) before so off we went!

I knew vaguely how to get there because it's close to where we work. We decided to not head to work and ended up getting lost and taking a back way that apparently went through a mini-forest and (no joke) past a cornfield. Interesting thing about Schloss Schleissheim, there was an airfield there that was active from the very first days of aviation and so there is a museum with lots of old planes and models!

This model was of a 1909 plane!

I think this glider was something that the students at the Technical University Munich made as an assigment in 1912.

Fire it up!

Seriously, nerd heaven.

Takka-takka-takka-takka pow-POW!!

The really professional paintjob saying there was an ejector seat on this Egyptian fighter.

Thumbs up to that!

Some German fighter

Fabi experiences the effort required to force a plane forward.

We then cycled around the museum and Schloss and took a break in the biergarten where we had some radlers (shandys - since we didn't want to be drink-biking!) and Pressack - a type of pressed sausage made from a pigs head. Because I'm hardcore, I had *roter Pressack*- this type also includes the pig blood so it's red. Fabi said my eating this made me more Bavarian than most Bavarians, his grandfather would be proud of me for eating that!

One of the Schloss' facades.

One of the courtyards in the Schloss. People lived in some of the apartments in the courtyards!

Proof that I was cycling.

Unfortunately, while we were sitting there eating and drinking, we noticed that the lights in the garden came on, despite the fact that it was only 5-ish and the sun doesn't set until nearly 9pm. Then we saw the clouds rolling in. Given that we were about 11km away from our place, this was not a great sight for our eyes, and after giving my assurance that I could go fast, we started to go fast.

We took a quick look at the Schlosspark before heading out though.

Check out the clouds behind the Scloss

Uh-oh, clouds rolling in on our way home...

Alas, we were not fast enough and about 3km away from home, it started to POUR LIKE CRAZY. I was all up for finding shelter and waiting it out but Fabi was all *Nah! We're not far! Let's just keep going!* And that's how we arrived back home looking like this. 
You can't actually see how wet my clothes are.

Fabi says riding furiously through the rain to get home reminded him of being a kid, so I guess my childhood is now complete. 

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