Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Second Annual Nerds Suit Up Party

Last year, a lot of sexy people got dressed up and went to celebrate the 85th birthday of Juli, Hero Thomas, and myself in Munich. We had so much fun last year that we decided to do it again to celebrate our 88th birthday!

Unfortunately, there are not so many photos this year because I made a rookie mistake. Midway through the afternoon, I decided to make myself ANOTHER poison pork roll. This meant that by the time I was prettifying myself, I didn't feel hungry. To tide myself over, I ate a small dinner of some vegetables and a boiled egg with the intention that once things were happening in the bar, I would go around the corner and get something to eat. In fact, I even revealed this plan to Basti once I got to the bar.  Naturally it didn't happen and this early state of inebriation meant I was less vigilant about recording the sexy-nerdiness of 2012 for posterity. 

Mit die sehr hubsch Marina.

Juli and Christine :D

Susi and Anne

Barbara and Thomas

with Jen

Christine, Carola, Susi, Franzi, Marina, and Basti discuss some serious stuff. 

Swisschris and Ele go blacktie formal.

Happy flatmates!


Trung gets possessive

Con amigo Ruben!

Making Thomas smile

Keeping that big smile on!

Fabi gets into the spirit

yes....interesting theory...

In the day following the party, I asked various people how it went and those who could remember said they had a fun time. Those who couldn't remember the night said that they must have ALSO had a fun time otherwise they would be able to remember! And so, job well done, and I look forward to not remembering next year's party!

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