Monday, April 28, 2014

A jump into the grey...

Many, many months after wanting to do it at Balaton and many, many months after receiving a voucher to do this for my birthday, I finally went bungee jumping! It was an absolutely filthy and cold day which basically stopped me from doing more than one jump (I really didn't want to stand in the drizzle or force my audience to hang around longer than necessary), but it didn't dampen my enthusiasm one iota!
Check out the massive smile on my face! It was noted that while I was bouncing around in excitement, many others were standing around in terror.
My tiny harness. A minimum allowed weight was specified which I just scraped into. This scraping meant that I had to wear the smallest harness they had :D

Still smiling on my way up! Funny moment - the wind blew during the ascent and I was shifting a bit so one of the two guys in the cherry picker had to hold onto my harness so that I didn't prematurely fall out.

50m in the sky...HERE WE GO!!!!

You'll note I was cheering as I bounced back up - that was actually the best part because of the weightless feeling. It was also noted that my cheers sounded as though I was having fun instead of crapping myself like others. 

I was later told that the operators said to each other, "Okay, we should probably let her down now," as though they let me bounce around longer than usual since I was enjoying myself so much. HAHAHAHAH

And at the end, I was handed a certificate and a card stating 50% for the next two times I jump...AND THE FOURTH JUMP IS FREE!!! WHO'S IN WITH ME?!?!

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