Saturday, April 05, 2014


In happier work news, I attended a scientific trade fair this week. I love trade fairs. I love goodies and freebies as companies try to woo us into buying their things. This is also helped along by my general shamelessness in asking for more and more freebies. After a slow start to the day - Markus and I actually had been tasked with talking to different companies about the possibility of purchasing a new piece of equipment - here's most of what I collected! 
Not pictured are the edible freebies such as the bag of popcorn and fairy floss that I had, and the FREE BEER from the bar in the Sarstedt stall. But there was something there that I really regret not getting which wasn't the best pipette in the world from Thermo. A person at Eppendorf was wearing a lab coat that said ' Your expert in cell culture' or something like that. Markus, who had been fairly low key about the swag-grabbing and a bit taken aback at my general excitement at being the trade fair at this point actually said to me that if I could score the coat, he would wear it in the lab everyday. Alas, it was not to be and the Eppendorf people were a bit shocked when I asked for it. Ah well. 

 Here's a few other photos from our day out!
With the Thermo chameleon...

and the Metabion cow. Metabion were giving out stressballs shaped like cows but I really wanted the cows that came dressed in tracht. Alas, they were only free if you bought over €100 worth of primers. Dang. 

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