Sunday, April 13, 2014

Wein-plus convention 2014

A couple of weeks ago, we had another wine night at Emi's place and being the last of the hardcore drinkers, he gave us a bunch of entry discount vouchers to a wine expo that was being held. Entry was supposed to be €20 but with his vouchers, that was being slashed down to €5. HOLY MOLY!!! I mean, I was thinking I needed a weekend without booze but with that kind of value...

And that decision was totally worth it. Rooms and rooms full of stalls and stalls of people with different wines. Upon entering, we were allowed to hire a wine glass and then wander from stall to stall and ask for samples. 
Here we are (me, Annina, Stephanie, and Kate) pictured in a room completely devoted to champagne. 

For €20, I would have been pretty happy. For €5, I was ecstatic! Although most stalls had bottles of water and pieces of bread to stop everyone from getting tanked, that didn't stop us from getting tanked. There was also food to go along with the wine and I ended up purchasing a plate of cheese, a dried sausage, and some pesto to go along with the bottle of tuscan red wine. If this convention comes back in a year (or two), count me in again!

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