Thursday, April 10, 2014

Goldene Gans, Schloss Blutenburg

Laura mentioned one day that she had found an amazing restaurant out in Pasing. I'll admit, I was pretty surprised. I mean, when I mentioned that I was going to a restaurant out in Pasing, even my local German colleagues were surprised and couldn't think of any places. As it was, the restaurant turned out to be the Goldene Gans (golden goose), which is attached located at Schloss Blutenburg. (A reply when I said the restaurant was at the Schloss was, "That's aaaaages away!") Despite the surprising location, it was, as reported, pretty good!

I think what appealed to Laura when she made this call was that, despite the location, the food was not traditional Bavarian stodge but more of a combined modern European cuisine. I certainly detected aspects of French cooking and molecular gastronomy in our meal. 
For example, we received this amuse-bouche of soup, with nice frothy touches.

It was difficult to select a main. I eventually settled on scallops because I saw a woman eating this dish and it looked damn good. And because it's Spring, the scallops were paired with white asparagus and wilted baby spinach leaves. Yarmy.

Swisschris chose the duck. I kinda wished I had ordered that as well. Laura had lamb cutlets - also on my selection list. 

For desserts, Laura had the mango parfait while I went German stodge and got apfelstrudel. Hehehe.

Credit where it's due, it was a pretty good restaurant and I think I'd like to come back in high summer as they have a terrace facing the castle's ornamental lake. In fact, Swisschris liked it so much that he said he could imagine bringing his parents here when they later in the year. And as a side note, the literal (modern) translation of Blutenburg is...BLOOD CASTLE!!!! MUHAHAHA!!

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