Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Lago di Garda - Day 2, part 1

On our second day, we decided to be super-touristy and fulfill one of the aims of our trip - takine a boat ride across the lake. Our destination: Sirmione.
Waiting (impatiently) for the boat to arrive to take us there.

Best way to kill time - taking selfies!

Bubbai, Desenzano! See you in a few hours.

Chugging across the very blue waters of the lake. 

Wooooh! Look at all those people who turned up to watch us arrive in town!

The dock leads to this super pretty little square

And super pretty little town is a great description for Sirmione. According to Wikipedia, it has been for centuries the holiday location for for the rich and famous such as Maria Callas, Alfred Lord Tennyson, and...
ROMAN POET CATULLUS!!! I may have geeked out at this. 

Oh hello, what's this?

It's the 13th century Scalinger castle that's built right in the lake!

We decided to not enter the castle, which was accessible via drawbridge as seen here, and instead decided to spend our time walking around.

Because why go inside when we had such a beautiful day?!

Feet in the lake!


This little pug. Totally unimpressed by the tourist hoard and his surroundings.

We spent a few hours wandering around the mediaeval town before deciding to head off to the other reason why we chose to go to Sirmione, to be covered in the next entry!

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