Monday, September 29, 2014

My pig Prosciutto.

I have loved these walking balloons since I saw them last year. And while there are many options, my favourite has always been to purchase a pig because they're just awesome. I've always regretted selling my first ever pig, Babe, to that drunk Italian guy for a 400% profit, and I've been trying to replace Babe ever since. This year, I got a new pig, who I decided to christen Prosciutto, in memory of one my favourite pork products. After a raucous day at Wiesn, Prosciutto was living a pretty easy life at my place when one day, I noticed he was looking at me with very accusing eyes when he saw I was dirndl-ing up without him. 
Awww man, he's hiding behind the door. This means he needs to be better acclimatised!

So out onto the street and u-bahn with me he came!

But while many people also loved Prosciutto - asking for photos and to kiss him (one guy did it with tongue, yuk) - he also drove people to punch him :( One drunk asshole even punched him out from  under my arms >.<
But then the drama of all the walking finally got to him and Prosciutto lifted up into the skies! My pig flies!!!

He's been there since, and they lived happily ever after.

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