Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Neuschwanstein again!

Wow. This visit couldn't have been more different from the last time I went here. For one, instead of one person, I was accompanied by a hoard of them! And instead of dodging snowballs, we had a beautiful clear day!
Yep, it was turned it on for these guys. KT was especially mesmerised by the Bavarian landscape

Which was pretty impressive, I have to say

Oh hurrow!

Hurrow to you too!


Gargh, even I have to say I was pretty impressed by how gorgeous everything was looking. 

KT went a bit insane with the photography, going close to the edges.

It looks like a toy set!

The sweet, sweet view from Schloss Hohenschwangau

After the last few cold days, today was so pleasantly warm that it was sleep inducing

But we powered up and made our way towards the Marienbruecke!

The classic view from the Marienbruecke. I'll confess - I think I took about 10 photos that were basically identical. But this one was the best :D

Hmmm, bungee jumping...

So ein schoener Tag

And now here are some photos as we killed time - for some reason, there was a 3 hour break between our tour of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein.

I see you!

oooh, atmospheric

People have asked me if I've thought it worth going to the castles. I've always been a bit uncertain as to how to answer this because the ride to Schwangau is about 3 hours (depending on connections) and the tours of the castles only go for a combined one hour. I therefore asked me guests who agreed that it was totally worth it and not only that, but the visit was a highlight of their trip. So there you go.

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