Monday, September 08, 2014

Lago di Garda - Day 1

After returning from Colombia a few months ago, Shadya had a welcome back party. At this party, Shadya, Dana, Tammy and I somehow decided that we would take a weekend road trip together to Italy. We literally pulled out our phones to check our calendars and settled on the first weekend in September. I therefore suffered through the first week of the month until I could leave work early to jump in the car and drive over the Alps and away from the gloomy Munich weather! And oh god we needed this vacation.

The drive took us over the Alps and past many castles dotted in the mountain range. But seriously, the higher the altitude, the worse the weather until we were suddenly on the Italian side and all the rain stopped. It was amazing. Dusk was falling as we checked into our apartment in Desenzano, on the south coast of the lake.
Oh hey, our apartment balcony did have a view of the lake! Ignore the clouds, it was very warm and humid on that balcony as we enjoyed a bottle of prosecco to celebrate our vacation.

Eventually we realised it was pretty late when we decided to stop drinking and look for dinner. This critter was on the wall outside of our apartment when we headed out.

And ready to party!

We ended up at Colomba (highly recommended)

My dinner - pasta with mussels, clams, and this yabby. It was a little bit epic. 

And the first gelati of our trip!

 Coming up next, our trips around the lake!

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