Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lago di Garda - Day 2, part 2

The Thermal Baths at Sirmione! Thermals baths here have been known since Roman times, which is probably another reason why it has been a popular tourist destination for so long. To be frankly honest, I'm not a great fan of spas (hate massages, too ticklish), but it had been a while since I'd been swimming properly so I was willing to give it a couple of hours. There are a few located in the town, but we chose to go to Aquaria based on the recommendation of Tammy's friends. 

Based right on the lake, it had many pools of different temperatures including this beautiful (cold) infinity pool!

Here we are modelling the lovely swim caps we had to wear in order to enter the pools. It was worth it though - various pools had built in water jets that you could lie on let the warm water pummel you

Seriously, so relaxing.

We left the baths in time to quickly grab lunch because the restaurants were closing for their afternoon break. 
Which is how we ended up at Osteria al Torco - they agreed to stay open a bit longer for us!
No regrets though - I ended up with this dish of home-made tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms. Did I mentally sit there thinking about how I was going to recreate this at home? Yes I did!

We wandered around a bit longer and got some gelato before deciding to head back to the dock to catch the boat back to Desenzano.
Shadya, always photo ready ^_^

Also, here are some photos of Tammy and I having an intense conversation

I don't remember what we were talking about though. 

But it was engrossing enough for us to not realise we were being photographed

Oh hey, I guess the boat is coming!

Back at Desenzano, we saw this wedding taking place!

And scored a hug from gelati man!

And then Tammy made us the Brazilian sweet brigadeiro before we had to pack to leave the next day :(

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