Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Change has come.

I think I'm pretty social but I know that in a profession that has many, well...special people, this is not always the case. I'm not the only new arrival in my current department and it was decided that a few of us would go out to dinner together and then have some drinks as a welcome and get to know each other kind of deal. However, I was a bit surprised to find out from not one, but two of the guys who came along that in the entire time that they had both been in the department - a duration of about two years, the lab had NEVER gone out socially. Like, what the hell? I mean, it's not necessary to be best friends with everyone at work, but given the amount of time we have to spend together and the number of people who move to Munich to join the group, the least that can be done is to take them out and show them around! I have sworn that these lonely days group days will be no more and that we would continue this new tradition fortnightly if necessary.

Maybe my new boss will grow to hate me for this, but the group will sure appreciate it! ;)

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