Sunday, August 31, 2014

BBQ guest Gus

I attended a BBQ this weekend and it was wonderful. Sunshine, great food, wonderful company, plentiful drinks and...well, I fell in love with one of the guests. And that guest was GUS THE CORGI!!!

We were sitting around enjoying our food when all of a sudden there was some rustling in the bushes and then something scampered past our ankles and into Tammy and Caspar's apartment!
I managed to see an orange blur and chubby butt when I realised IT WAS A DOG!!! Gus' owners, then came and introduced him to us.

I seriously then proceeded to chase him to try and get a photo to send to Pooey.

Eventually he obliged me.

After a couple of hours getting to know people, he was pretty friendly. He even came to love me once I fed him some sausage and cherry tomatoes (he catches them if you cut them in half first!). He also shook paws with everyone!

And he didn't use his puppy eyes too much to get food. In fact, he was pretty well behaved given all the food on the low table. The only naughty moment, which was actually kind of funny, was licking some spilled potato salad directly off the table after studiously ignoring it for a couple of hours...then diving for an open bag of chips. The face he gave after being told off for doing that...I was crying with laughter.  

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