Monday, August 25, 2014

Girls day out!

A few weeks ago, a bunch of us girls decided that it would be nice for us to go to Lake Starnberg/Starnberger See on the outskirts of Munich to enjoy the 'beach' at the side of the lake. Unfortunately the weather didn't agree with out plans but that was okay - we still hung out at the beach club anyway!
Because we could spend the entire day drinking prosecco while sitting around the fireplaces embedded in their tables. 

We were seated at first in this awesome basket but the staff asked if it was okay for us to move to another place on the terrace since they were pretty sure it was going to rain. It didn't during the entire time we were there!

But it was a wonderfully relaxing afternoon catching up with friends, making new ones, gossiping, telling stories, eating food and sharing 6 bottles among the 8 of us over 5 hours :D

On the way back to Munich, we decided we weren't ready to stop eating and drinking yet so we paid a visit to Ver-O-Peso, a Brazilian restaurant that a few of us had been wanting to check out for a while.
COXINHAS!!!! Little balls of chicke, rolled into shape to look like chicken thighs and then deep fried. Yum. 

I think I actually preferred these though - bolinhos de bacalhau (codfish balls).

As soon as I saw this on the menu, it was destined to be my main dish. Moqueca de camarao - prawns in a spicy/coconut sauce with rice. 

Even though it was washed down with a cocktail, I wasn't done for the day! A handmade ice cream shop was next door and I had a chai-flavoured cone that was actually incredibly good. Clearly I need to spend more time around this end of town!

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