Sunday, June 15, 2014

British Birthday Bash!

The british fun didn't end there! Swisschris and I had planned to hold a joint birthday party and in honour of the place where we've spent a lot of time, we decided to make the theme 'British'. You know exactly what this means!
Bunting! Bunting everywhere!

And comedy masks of famous British people!

Particularly of the Royal Family!

Actually, these masks photographed much better than I expected leading to such weird photos like Prince Charles with cleavage

And Kate and Wills being present at this party. Yes I am wearing my primmy bargain dress!

Actually, I should say something - the night of this party was the Italy vs England WC match - a happy coincidence. Riccardito forgot that this was the case and, as you can see, he rocked up wearing the Union Jack on his shirt. He got a written agreement that his Italian friends wouldn't kill him when he went to the match later. But you know, I haven't seen him since...

Pato and Tom were really happy at how this photo turned out - like she really was with David Beckham!

And so Prince Charles and Her Majesty would love to thank everyone who came and helped put on a jolly good show!

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