Thursday, June 12, 2014


My last full day in London, Pooey and I decided to go to Borough Market for lunch. Before that happened however, I decided that while Pooey was doing her morning ablutions, I would go to New Change and see if the shops had started to go on sale . HELL YEAH THEY DID!!! In fact, a pair of shoes that I was considering buying from Dune a few days earlier had been slashed 50%!!!! I phoned Pooey and she raced over to join in!

The good times continued at Borough.
Mmmm, olive bread bites

Mmmmm, bakery stall selling portuguese egg tarts and assorted other delicious looking cakes.

Mmmm, turkish delight stall but..only 1 (one) sample each?! That's fair enough. I was going a little crazy trying all the cheese and sausage and brownie and cookie and oil and tapenade samples available.

Pooey and I ultimately settled on fish and chips and some egg tarts.

Those fries were freshly hot!

After this, Pooey and I split forces - I had a bit of a tummy ache and headed home to die, while Pooey headed to Chinatown to rejuvenate supplies because we were going to celebrate the World Cup by eating steamboat again. Having split forces, I also went to the Twinings shop to load up on different teas that people had requested. Pooey and I then raced each other home before psychotically setting out towards Primark Oxford St. But that's not the craziest of the crazy stories. We went to Dune on Argyll St near Oxford Circus. After the relative calm of Dune New was like a STAMPEDE had occurred here. There were shoes tossed around everywhere. The shop staff who worked that day were absolutely amazing. Due to the sale, only one shoe of each set in different sizes were on display, meaning that staff were constantly running behind the scenes to collect pairs and then having to find the customer who had requested it. A lot of the customers were incredibly rude about this - they'd request a pair and then wander away, leaving the hapless returning assistant to search for them. Or worse. Me and Pooey decided to make things easier for them by giving all our requested shoes at the same time. When the shopgirl returned with our pairs...another customer came along and started to pick them up! I very pointedly told her to back off. We were both relieved to be out of there and continued on our way.

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