Friday, June 13, 2014

Fundon Shopping!

So what exactly did I buy that resulted in 10kg of new weight? Here are some of the highlights

Satin crop overlay dress from Karen Millen/Harrods. Yes, it is a rip off of a Chanel design! That's why I'll pair it with those pearls!

Jersey blazer from Uniqlo. I also got another pair of jeans here because uniqlo jeans suit me best.

Dress from Primmy. There's a bit of a story behind this find. Pooey first found it with a different pattern but there weren't many in my size left. When I tried it on in the change room, the zip got stuck around the waist due to the fabric and there was definitely no way I would have been able to do it myself if I purchased the dress. We decided that if we couldnt' find one in my size that would zip, we would leave it. BUT THEN!!! Not only did we find one with this pattern - which we both agreed was better than the other one, it zipped up very easily so into the trolley it went. Being the last one on the rack in this size and pattern, it was missing its barcode. The shopgirl said I could run back and get another one and she would scan it when I got back, but she said she knew it was a bit of a bargain. She was right. Even though the dress was tagged as £16 or something like that, it scanned as....SEVEN POUNDS!!!

White batik scarf and Union Jack scarf, also from Primmy. That Union Jack one really came in handy too - it was pretty cold when I arrived.

Assorted Primmy bags. Sharp-eyed readers will note that the clutch and red polka dot were also used on my trip to Bristol/Bath!

And a couple of skirts also from Primmy. I also got a bikini top, a singlet, leggings and socks but...yeah you don't need to see those.

My Dune purchases! Pooey said I should have gotten two pairs of the flower ballet flats since I was planning on buying them at full price the day I did! She was a bit upset that it appears I got the last pair of hot pink leopard print flats and the normal leopard print wedges in our size in London, but she consoled herself by buying a pair of peach leopard print flats and a pair of black suede wedges instead.

A new pair of converse dance from Office. Unfortunately not on sale but still so good. 

Pooey and I were walking along Regent St. between Book of Mormon and The Bodyguard when we saw a huge sign on the Furla window declaring discounts of up to 40%. Furla wasn't on our shopping list but with discounts like that, hey, why not?! My. God. This sale was INSANE. Pooey had been looking forward to getting herself a new satchel from Mulberry, but when she saw the Alissa satchel was 40% - at the ridiculous price of £140, she got two! Okay, one of the ones she purchased was a smaller size, and therefore cheaper, but...for that price, I wanted one as well! My sanity prevailed and I ended up getting this two-toned clutch and the keyring/cardholder instead. The two combined were less than £60. SCORE!!!

Okay, here's a moment where my sanity failed. Pooey and I went to Fenwick and saw that Longchamp bags were reduced and these Le Pliage bags were £40, down from £59. Pooey was all, "I'm getting one!" and I was "That's insane! We went to Furla the other day, you got two bags!" Her reply, "I don't care! This is such a deal!" and I caved and said she should get me one as well. I was pretty happy but also, starting to hate myself hahahahaha. 

But all things must end and so did my trip. So here's the last important purchase I made in London - Fortnum and Mason lemon curd at the airport duty free. 

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