Thursday, June 05, 2014

FUNDON!!! Day 1

My flight was delayed getting into London and it was too late to do anything other than take a cab from Victoria to St. Pauls so the first day of my trip to visit Pooey and Smee amounted to sleeping :D. 

The first proper day was a full one with many things planned. First stop - Barclays in The City so that I could withdraw money to pay back Pooey for all the things the bought on my behalf (mostly theatre tickets).  
But on our way we saw this travesty of a shop selling a viet poison pork roll BLT variation. WHAT?!

Second stop - Clapham for me and Pooey to get our brow and mo threaded.
Because I'm simple, I was pretty amused to see that this exhibition about mammoths used MAMMOTH FONT!!!

Next stop was to Covent Garden for me to get my hair cut off, followed by fourth stop - lunch at Five Guys.
I haven't had this before but apparently these are really good burgers.

With the cajun fries. Check out my new long bob! Even Pooey said she liked it!

Does this burger look filthy? Well it was. It was pretty delicious but I felt like I was dying each time I took a bite. 

Fifth stop - Chinatown for me to get a bubble tea.
From Cuppacha. And another view of the bob!

Next stop - TCR Primmy, for all our shopping needs.
Also, we walked by this stall selling Chinese buns (baozi) as...Chinese kebabs?! Errrrr, okay...

And then for dinner we met up with Smee and went to Kam Fung in Holborn because he wanted to check it out after seeing my photos of the CNY banquet. It appears that we didn't photograph anything but we had the golden pillow prawns, roast duck, and some vegetables (da miu). Smee was alright with it (hes fussier about his food than me and Pooey), and then we walked to Chinatown because he wanted some snow ice and I had my second bubble tea of the day!  

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