Sunday, June 29, 2014

World Cup musings.

Since my return from London, my days and nights have been filled with a cycle of going to work and then leaving work to go watch the world cup before going home, or going to work, going to German class, then going to watch the world cup before going home. This is the first time I've been surrounded by so many different people with vested interests in their team and the actions of others. Here are some of my thoughts on this so far: 

Spain played so badly. I understand all things must pass but I don't think everyone expected it to pass so suddenly. 

On the other hand, Australia was better than expected!

Brazilians, such as Carlinho here, have little happy dances that they perform after Brazil wins. 

Luis Suarez has serious problems, but he is comedy gold!

 Joachim (Jogi) Loew, coach of Germany, is sexy says everybody

Actually, soccer coaches in general are better than American football coaches.

Also, given the amount of alcohol I've ingested during this world cup and the time spent watching matches instead of sleeping...I'm going to have to learn to moderate myself better because, good lord, there's still at week left!

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