Sunday, June 08, 2014

FUNDON! Day 2 part 2

After Matilda, Pooey and I had to wave goodbye to Caro & Friend and rush away because...WE WERE GOING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION AT WEMBLEY STADIUM!!!! This is a not a joke. This whole trip was actually planned around the fact that we had tickets to it hehehehe
The excitement started on the Tube to Wembley Park. We weren't the only ones dressed in the gear and holding the accessories!

Pooey jumps for joy as we get closer and closer!

We were waiting for Leesh and Meems and took the time to put some tattoos in strategic locations.
such as a conveniently kissable one!

Pooey greatly regretted not getting a tour shirt when she saw them in Melbs. No such regrets this time.

But please also note the custom-made shirts!

Our great regret was that neither of us notices that it would have been much more fun if one of us had first names and the other had surnames. 

Yes, we were pretty happy. And here's Leesh and Meems showing their level of enthusiasm.

Wembley holds about 90,000 people and they sold out 3 concerts.I'm just going to say that with the exception of the seats behind the got more full. Such is the world domination of their cult. Of which I am definitely a member. 

We arrived too late to late to see the warm-up act who happened to be Aussie band Five Seconds of Summer :D. But we were in time to listen to the warm up music and watch everyone dance to the Macarena, Single Ladies, and Jump Around. And when I say everybody, I don't just mean the paying audience - even the security guards were getting in on it! 
But then the entry video started and everyone went apeshit

As the tour is titled 'Where We Are', the vid featured the different places 1D have been in the last few years. 

Then Harry came out to start 'Midnight Memories' and the stadium exploded!!!

Niall actually plays the guitar quite a bit. I guess he's been practising

Oh Zayn. What a hottie

But what hey, Liam has grown up and growing up has been kind to him!

And yeah, Louis. 

The great thing about having Zayn as favourite is that, due to his heavy vocal load, he was featured quite a bit in the close ups.

Problem with this was that he often looked uninterested :( It looked as though he was having problems because he kept fiddling with and replacing his earpiece.

But Liam looked really happy to be there and kept saying things like how awesome it was to be at Wembley and not being able to believe that everything started for them a few metres down the road when they auditioned for X Factor. And so now Liam is my new favourite! Sorry Zayn, but at least pretend you want to be there!

Like you Mims! What are you yawning for?!?!

See my super-happy face? At this point I think I'd been bouncing around for at least an hour.

The performance of One Thing. *sigh*


I think this was Little Things. 


Hehehe, animated 1D

Leesh had a much better camera on her than me and Pooders

Crystal clear shots of them!

Best Song Ever closed out the night...

And then BAM!!! It was over. 

I will unabashedly say that this was one of the best nights of my life. Not only did I get to spend a few hours bouncing around, singing at the top of my lungs and basically being the teenaged fangirl I wasn't as a teenager, I got to experience one of the most amazing and spontaneous events ever. After the concert, there was (naturally) a bit of a crush as everyone headed towards the tube station to get home. Police were out and monitoring the situation. When suddenly, someone started playing 1D music out loud and the crowd burst into song, even when the song abruptly ended before its actual end. This happened a few times and showed the general cheer of the crowd despite the very uncomfortable situation. As we inched forward, it turned out the source of the music were a pair of policemen, their bullhorn, and a mobile phone! And still high on concert buzz, much to the amusement of people on the street and Smee, Pooey and I walked home from the tube, playing,singing, and dancing along to 1D. Best night ever!

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