Wednesday, June 11, 2014


This day was Musical Theatre Day. Pooey and I were going to see two shows. That meant that rather than try to shoehorn in lots of activities, we decided to be relaxed - we would run various errantds and eat comfort food.
On the topic of comfort food, we walked past EAT and saw that it was chicken pot pie day so we got one!

And then followed it up by going to C&R for some chicken rice and hor fun before heading to our matinee show. I miss them so much!!!

Me and Pooey were a little bit late to the theatre and missed the first couple of songs from...BOOK OF MORMON!!! DAMMIT!!!!

But despite missing the intro, it's a pretty easy musical to get into and definitely to enjoy. For those who are unfamiliar with it, Book of Mormon comes from the creators of South Park and follows two young Mormons who are sent to Uganda for their mission. Naturally the show is full of social and religious commentary, with highly catchy songs peppered with swears. The leads played the show in the USA (Elder Cunningham also played it on Broadway) . It is HILARIOUS, although not for the easily offended. Hehehe.

For dinner we went to our old favourite, Four Seasons Wardour St. for assorted roasted meats and vegetables. Pooey allowed me to select the ones I missed the most. I settled on char siu pork, soy chicken, and of course roast duck. We also got rice and veggies which we ended up packing up and taking away for smee.

Our final show - THE BODYGUARD!!! Based on the Whitney and Kevin movie of the same name, if features songs from Whitney Houston's early career e.g. Saving all my love, So emotional, How will I know, and of course, the songs from the movie. This show is super-duper cheesey, but will be highly enjoyable for fans of the movie or Whitney Houston. In the Whitney role was Alexandra Burke, a winner of the UK X Factor, and I've got to say, she was excellent! She was definitely a very strong part of the show. The weakest part for both me and Pooey was the actor in the Kevin role. His US accent was terribly fake and the two leads had absolutely no chemistry. But all of that doesn't matter when the show conducts a singalong at the end and the entire audience sings and claps along!

Out of all the four shows we watch, I'm going to offer this very controversial preference list:
1. Book of Mormon. This can not be challenged.
2 - with conditions. The Bodyguard. This position is due primarily to my knowledge of Whitney Houston's music and therefore being able to sing along with the cast. I walked out singing on the street and bus ride home, and I can't say I did that for the following two musicals. If you don't like her music or hate the movie, drop this one down to 4.
3. Wicked.
4. Matilda.
Disagree? Feel free to watch them and decide for yourself!

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