Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Epic Journey Home - Foods I miss

A great thing about being back is eating all the foods I can't get in Germany. This time was pretty epic.
Okay, I can get rice paper rolls in Germany but it's not the same. 

It seems restaurants sell them as either prawn or pork, not both together. And getting all the stuff for one person isn't worth it :/


Quarter past three. Never forget.

Mmmm, dessert story 

Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, meat pie (the white stuff coming out if cheese)

Miaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmm twin sausage bread!

*soooooooobbbbbbbb* xiaolongbao!!!

Okay, I can make laksa (sorta) but not in a bowl like this and not with Mich to eat it with!

I also don't get to drink Aussie red wine out of scientific equipment!

Bunnings sausage sizzle! Classic

Bun bo Hue with Ma <3 p="">
Also, we are the reverse of each other here kekeke

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