Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Epic Journey Home - Leg 1, Berlin

So now that I'm not living in Munich anymore, getting back to Australia is a leeeeetle bit more complicated than before. While Bremen has an airport, it doesn't fly out to Australia, so I was booked to fly out from Heathrow...where you can't fly to from Bremen. And so I ended up taking a train to Hamburg and on to Berlin where I would fly to London. But first, Berlin!

I can't believe it had been 4.5 years since I was here! Time to be a tourist again!  

Ahhhhh, clear blue skies...

Wandering around the city and heading instinctively to Checkpoint Charlie, I saw something that piqued my interest - the Currywurst Museum!

A map showing the location of different currywurst stalls in the Berlin

I seriously loved this museum. Look at this sausage sofa!!! LOOK AT IT!!!!

A quiz about different places where you could buy currywurst in the world. Apparently there are no currywurst stalls in Australia. Maybe I should do something about that...

The museum actually had a bonafide currywurst stall with the whole setup.
(Note the giant squishy fries in the background!) 

Me having the experience of what it's like to work in a currywurst stall!

The museum admission price also included a sample of currywurst. This isn't it - I chose to pay a little bit extra to have a tasting plate with different examples of currywurst that I learned about in the museum. Left is the currywurst with skin (from the West!), currywurst without skin (from the East - harder to get edible sausage skin on that side), and currywurst with special sauce that included extra herbs and vegetables - a it more like a salsa.

And then I came here.
Next stop - London!

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