Sunday, January 31, 2016

Love you long time, London

Because I am the new girl, work sent me to a meeting in London to meet other people I would be working with. Not gonna complain about that! Okay, I will complain a little bit - it was a two day meeting with an 8AM START on the second day. But the flipside of the early start was an early end, allowing me to catch up with some London peeps :D.

I caught up with Amandine, Mr J, Liz and Livvy at Lobster & Burger.
And like any self-respecting Asian, we all got lobster

I got mine grilled. yay. 

Afterwards we met with Angry Chris and headed to Bread St. Kitchen for cocktails. 

We also took this epic photobooth pic while at Bread St. because the pauses between shots were so long we weren't sure if it was done or not :D

And I strolled home from there and felt a great swelling in my heart for all my friends and how even though time may pass, we still had a great time together in this amazing city <3 .="" p="">

Also, a shoutout to Smee letting me crash and also making me squid ink pasta. Delizioso!

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