Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Epic Journey Home - the way back

Alas, all things must come to an end, and the end to my time in Melbs came all too quickly :(
For my last full day, I decided to be a tourist and wandered around the city taking beautiful photos of the place.

The NGV international inner courtyard *sigh*

I took a walk through the gardens, along the Tan, then took this classic view of the CBD and Southbank *wipes tear* 

Then I went to NGV Australia and saw this sweet sculpture by Patricia Piccinini *sob*

And swung by 8-bit where I had this pretty cute burger *yum*

Oh, I doooooo
But yeah, this time around I really started to feel the pull of family and friends at home and just how far away I've been and how long I've been away. But the state of research in Australia is pretty dismal right now so I'm still not holding my breath on being able to get back. 

On to happier topics, I boarded the plane much more in a much more relaxed state than when I arrived. I also had a 7 hours stopover in Singapore meaning I'd be catching up with Pooky again!
There weren't many things open but we did manage to make it to a hawker stall where I got chicken rice again :D

Singapore Airport was having a promotion whereby you could get a Star Wars plush toy if you spent over a certain amount of money in the airport. Since I was getting Smee some vacuum-dried meats, he also got a bonus Darth Vader!

I had a 24 hours layover in London. So naturally I went shopping. These were the last of the Regent St. Xmas decorations. 

And another chicken pot pie at Heathrow to eat!

From there I flew back to Berlin to spend NYE with Dana and Marie (who was coming up from Munich to meet us :D)
Had to do this - eating a Berliner in Berlin!

Dana made fondue for NYE dinner - using Mama Dana's recipe

Mmmmmm, lecker!


And so 2015 came to an end. Here's a wonderful 2016!

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