Thursday, January 14, 2016

Epic Journey Home - NGV and Royal Croquet Club

There was a general sense of excitement with the news that I would be coming back. Time to do some of my favourite things - meet up with friends, eat food, and see what's new in the city! And preferably all three at the same time!

On my first day back, me and Pooey caught up with Rachie-Poo and her little fella at Hinoki!

Mmmmmm, love sushi and sashimi...
Also, this was the right size for the three of us :D

Then we went to Gelato Messina. I can't remember what I ordered but it was pretty delicious and look at this guy trying to grab it!

Next stop - NGV to see the Andy Warhol/Ai Wei Wei exhibit

The Waterwall was nice and cooling on this hot day

Ai's Chandelier with Restored Han Dynasty Lamps for the Emperor (2015)

I spent a lot of time running around Ai's and Warhol's interactive balloon exhibits. Pooey spent a lot of time documenting it.

The interactive "Studio Cats" is supposed to be for children but it's pretty damn awesome for adults as well! (Or we are just two big children).

Pooey and I were both really impressed with the exhibit. Or course, going into the exhibit I was more familiar with Warhol, but I walked out with a greater appreciation for Ai's works particularly the sense of playfulness masking serious commentary, or sometimes when the commentary wasn't masked. Anyway, go see it while you can - it's on at NGV International until April 24. 

After the gallery, Pooey and I crossed over the river to enjoy the Royal Croquet Club. 

Like a lady!

Enjoying watching the play

And the view

Taking part of the play!

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