Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Epic Journey Home - Leg 2 & 3, London and Singapore

I flew from Berlin to London Heathrow. You might ask me why did I choose to fly from London as opposed to Frankfurt or Munich. Long story short, it seemed the right thing to do when I bought the tickets and let us never speak of this topic again. Apart from the stress of getting to London and worrying about whether weather chaos would prevent my flying, I was looking forward to this leg. I new what kind of shops would be present in LHR and was looking forward to doing some UK shopping!

Like from this F&M popup stall that was also a giant Christmas hamper!!! Got some goodies for Pooey and Xmas pudd for frens :D

I also got myself a chicken pot pie from EAT - Pooey's favourite! And the best was the server confirmed that I got the last serving of the day!!! Take that all the people behind me! 

However my love for UK shopping was tested as I had 8 hours to kill there - too short to justify hauling all my luggage into the city centre to catch up with friends and too long to spend wandering around looking at the same shops over and over again. I'm sure the ppl at Cath Kidston were wondering if I was ever going to buy something. 

After a 14 hour flight and several movies, I landed in Singapore where my stopover was a more manageable 3.5 hours. 


And then I had a moment of sadness as I realised the flight I normally take to get to Munich was literally leaving next to my flight to Sydney :(

But no more time to be sad! Off to Sydney!!! 

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